POET Technologies is the developer of a platform that will power the next wave of innovation in integrated circuits, by combining electronics and optics onto a single chip for massive improvements in size, power, speed and cost.

For almost 50 years, Moore’s Law has dictated the pace of technological change. As the number of transistors on a chip double approximately every 1.5 to 2 years, this increases the performance capabilities of computing devices and the many functions they make possible.  Unfortunately, with present silicon-based integrated circuits and manufacturing processes, performance and cost improvements under Moore’s Law are increasingly unsustainable, and will soon come to an end.

These physical limitations will increasingly impede electronics manufacturers from continuing to build smarter, faster, more efficient and cheaper devices – including sensors, lasers and computing devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc).

By integrating optics and electronics onto one monolithic chip, POET will provide its customers with a rebirth for Moore’s Law and usher in a new wave of innovation in integrated circuits.

Dr. Geoff Taylor and the POET research and development team have spent more than 18 years developing and proving out numerous components of the POET platform, resulting in 34 patents to date, and 7 patents pending.

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The end of Moore's Law – It's not a question of when Moore's Law will end, but what next. POET offers an answer.
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